30th Anniversary Gasshuku 2017

JKA Norway has the great pleasure of inviting all members of JKA WF to JKA Norways Anniversary Gasshuku 1987-2017. This Gasshuku is the largest of its kind in Norway, of any karate styles. The Gasshuku will be held in the beautiful city of Bergen.

The autumn gasshuku is from 23th to 26th November. This gasshuku is for all seniors (above 13 years old) and for all juniors from 5th kyu to black belt.

Instructors at this gasshuku will be:

  1. Ueki shuseki shihan 9. dan JKA
  2. Bura sensei 8. dan JKA
  3. Ogura sensei 7. dan JKA
  4. Ohta sensei 7. dan JKA
  5. Naka sensei 7. dan JKA
  6. Larsen sensei 7. dan JKA
  7. Takahashi sensei 7. Dan JKA
  8. Kobayashi sensei 7. dan JKA
  9. Hirayama sensei 6. dan JKA
  10. Nemoto sensei 5. dan JKA
  11. Mai Shiina sensei 3. dan JKA
  12. Ogane sensei 3. dan JKA


Name: Haukelandshallen
Adress: St. Olavs vei 50, BERGEN

If you stay at any hotel in the city we recommend to take the city tram, to Haukelandshallen. It takes approximately 10 min to the venue.

Her you find travel information on how to get to the venue:
Travel info to Venue

Time Schedule

Thursday 23.:
1700-1800 Special Class – all grades
1810-1900 Training
1930-2030 Training

Friday 24.:
1700-1800 Special Class – all grades
1810-1900 Training
1930-2030 Training

Saturday 25.:
1000-1115 Training
1145-1300 Training
1330-1400 Demonstration
1415-1600 DAN grading

Sunday 26;
1100-1215 Training
1245-1400 Training
1430-1630 Kyu grading


At this gasshuku we can offer the following classes:

  1. Sandan and above
  2. Nidan
  3. Shodan
  4. Brown belt, 3.-1. kyu seniors
  5. Brown belt, 3.-.1 kyu juniors
  6. Blue and Purple belt, 4.-5 kyu seniors
  7. Blue and Purple belt, 4-5 kyu juniorer
  8. Green and orange, 6.-7. kyu
  9. Beginner to yellow belt,8.-10 kyu.


Here you find where to train during the course: Hall
Everybody to line up in the main arena for introductions and varm up each day and at end of classes.

Dan grading:

There will be dan grading Saturday up to Godan (5. dan).

Training fee:

Training fees are as following:

Seniors -13 years and above
4 days seminar; 1300 NOK
3 days seminar; 1100 NOK

Juniors – 12 years and below
4 days seminar; 650 NOK
3 days seminar; 550 NOK


We have hotel agreement with the following Scandic Hotels: Bergen City and Neptun

Room prices at Scandic Bergen City is;
Single room incl Breakfast: Price/room/night 650,- NOK
Double room incl Breakfast: Price/room/night 850,- NOK
Triple room incl Breakfast: Price/room/night 1080,- NOK
e-mail: bergencity@scandichotels.com
Phone: +47 55 30 90 80

Room prices at Scandic Neptun is;
Single room incl Breakfast: Price/room/night 790,- NOK
Double room incl Breakfast: Price/room/night 990,- NOK
Triple room incl Breakfast: Price/room/night 1190,- NOK
e-mail: neptun@scandichotels.com
Phone: +47 55 30 68 00

Each member or Club must book directly with the hotel. Booking Reference for both hotels: JKA231117

To be guaranteed this price please book before 6th of October.


There will be a banquet at Official Hotel Saturday 25th of November at 8 o`clock.
To book tickets write this in same e-mail as about participation to the gasshuku.
Price for banquet is: 375 NOK.

Deadline for registration:

7th of November


For those outside JKA Norway
Please download the participation form and send it to: tk@jkanorway.no
or if you have any questions contact: tk@jkanorway.no
This participation form is only to be used for those outside JKA Norway.
Participation-form-JKA-Norway-2017 rev2


Payment is made to:
Arna Karateklubb
Account number: 36335146977
Deadline payment: 7th of November.


Here you find information about our city Bergen.