1. Summer Gasshuku Oslo 2018

JKA Norway has the great pleasure of inviting all members of JKA WF to the 1. Summer gasshuku in Oslo, eastern part of Norway.

The summer gasshuku is from 1th to 3th of June. This gasshuku is for all ages and all grades.

Instructors at this gasshuku will be:

  • dos Santos sensei 6. Dan JKA, member of Technical Committee JKA Norway
  • Széll sensei 5. dan JKA, member of Technical Committee JKA Norway


Name: Vulkan Flerbrukshall, Maridalsveien 17
Adress: 0175 Oslo

Time Schedule

Friday 1.:
1730-2030 Training

Saturday 2.:
1000-1300 Training

Sunday 3;
1000-1300 Training
1330-1600 9.Kyu – dan grading

Dan grading:

There will be dan grading up to sho-dan.

Training fee:

Seniors; from 13 years and above
3 days seminar; 800 NOK

Juniors, 12 years and below
3 days seminar: 500 NOK


The official JKA hotel is Scandic Hotell Vulkan.

Room prices;

Please contact the hotell for prices.

Breakfast included

Each member or Club must book directly with the hotel.

Contact info;
e-mail: gasshuku@baerumkarate.no
Telephone: + 47  905 79 056.

Deadline for registration:

25th of May


For those outside JKA Norway, please send your participation form or if you have any questions to the following e-mail: tk@jkanorway.no